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Name: meili
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Name | Alias: hatsume mei
Journal: scopes
Age: 16
Canon: my hero academia
Canon point: chapter 102
History: link


honestly is there anyone more pathologically self-centered than hastume mei? the answer is probably yes, but oh boy does she take the cake. as a freshman in UA high, hastume mei isn't someone from the heroics department, nor is she someone from the normal deparment. no, hastume is an inventor and she belongs in the 1-H support class. suited up with all kinds of different gears and gadgets, hastume makes a flashy appearance into the stage.

she's assertive to the point of being off-putting, and she has no problem feeling you up or getting in your face if it means getting what she wants. everything she does is backed with the motive to show off her "babies", so she calls them; her babies being the 39840234 inventions she's created and she wants the world to be able to see them. when everyone turned away from midoriya during the calavary battle, because they all knew he would be attacked by all teams like hawk to their prey, hastume was the one who latched herself onto him in a very "hey i don't know you but you seem like you would be useful to me so let me join your team" kind of way. although the sport fest was a chance for different deparments to show their worth and everyone was aimming for the top, hatsume wanted to do what would get her the most attention, and she'll go through any means of doing so.

even if it doesn't mean being super understanded and sneaky. during the 1-on-1 battle, hastume was the one who approached her opponent with the intention of "being equal" and allowing iida to use her support gear. iida was absolutely moved by her sportsmanship and therefore didn't refuse. little did he know, hastume was just playing him and the battle became a game of cat and mouse as hastume showed off all the little features of her inventions both on her and on iida, marketing them to the support company with a microphone and everything. the game lasted for 10 minutes, and hastume stepped out of bounds after she was satsified with the show. she's quite the marketer and an excellection saleswoman if i may add. well, at least she's honest about her underhanded methods and apologized for using him.

in the end hastume is just a girl who's super engrossed into her inventions. she doesn't remember names, and she has no time to speak to you unless you're interested in an upgrade or she wants to use you as a guiena pig. if she comes up with any crazy idea she'll try to make it happen, even if it seems to lack common sense. if you need to cool down when running with your legs, why not try running with your feet? oh, the suit calibration is completely off and almost broke your back oops, maybe it will be good as a capturing device. as the teacher powerloader says, "the minds of true innovators never adhere to a single fixed way of thinking". hastume isn't someone who is afraid of failure, and if that means she has to explode a few workshops then so be it. during her four months in UA high she's already tinkered with massive amounts of failed inventions but she keeps going with successful ones. while all this makes hastume someone extremely hard to deal with, she's no doubt exceptional and that girl, she's gonna be someone someday.

Abilities and Nerfs:

hatsume has the ability to look really far away up to 5 kilometes when she forces. her eyes are essentially like rifle scopes. other than that she's an amazing inventor and a force to be reckoned with. of course those inventions don't always work out, but like thomas edison once said: i have not failed. i've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.

Inventory: jetpack, goggles, clothes on back
Appearance: look at her shes so cute
Five Desires: a workshop | unlimited parts for gadget building | tools for gadget building | computer tech to put in workshop | gadgets???



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